Yamaha unveils new full-suspension electric mountain bike straight out of the future

The Yamaha YDX MORO electric MTB line show off Yamaha’s new patent-pending dual-twin frame design that includes a split frame setup on both the leading tube and the down tube. The split down tube nestles the bike’s 500 Wh battery and protects it in a cage-like structure. That not only helps prevent damage throughout drops or from twisting during a crash, however it likewise makes battery swaps simpler than on other frames that hide the battery inside the down tube.

The style of the Yamaha YDX MORO also uses a steeper-than-typical down tube angle resulting in moving the battery even more rearward and better focusing the weight of the bike. The split leading tube enables the saddle to rest lower by making more space for the rear shock. That provides lower standover height at rest and helps get the saddle lower on difficult, technical surface where riders will be standing on the pedals, no saddle needed.

Yamaha has finally pulled the veil off its new Yamaha YDX MORO electric MTB line. The new designs include Yamaha’s newest mid-drive e-bike motor and a brand brand-new frame design unlike anything we have actually seen before. Full specifications, pricing, and accessibility will be revealed in the coming weeks, so at least we have something to look forward to.

The PW-X2 mid-drive motor system uses a distinct quad-sensor setup that identifies pedal speed, pedal torque, bike speed and incline angle to more exactly calculate the needed pedal help output.

It will be surprising if they get it under $4k, though that might be possible for the non-pro model which looks to sport slightly lower-spec suspension parts, possibly amongst other compromises. New helical gears used in equipments PW-X2 apparently help reduce the assist decrease the motor, which is especially welcomed in particularly mountain bikes that operate far away run city noises that mask sounds sound of commuter noise motors. Together, the split leading tube and down tube give a funky makeover that just marks the start of the list of developments in the Yamaha YDX MORO e-bike line.

The PW-X2 likewise features an automatic mode. Sadly it is manual moving in regards to the bikes gears, but rather through the pedal help levels. When engaged, it can intelligently move between Eco, Standard, and High mode.

This seems like another system that is tough to evaluate without really trying it. There is nothing even worse than riding down a valley and after that hitting a hard climb back up at the bottom, only to recognize you are still in the lowest pedal assist level. Within this special frame design, the drive unit is rotated in alignment with the down tube angle, better aligned with the axel path and the ground.

Since the drive system is in a fixed position in the frame, it is tucked in and tracks with the frame while cornering.

The motor also has a new EXPW mode that adds assist up to a pedal cadence of 170 RPM. At that high pedal cadence, this mode can be helpful for technical sections or high hill climbs up where a rider might shed equipments rapidly and pedal with all they have got, and even on start-up where a quick spin of the pedals is needed to get up to speed. The bike will be a Class 1 model with help as much as 20 mph (32 km/h).


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