Shane McMahon’s WWE Raw Underground Flops on Directionless Show

WWE Raw Underground was presented as Shane McMahon’s show-inside-a-show, including “worked shoots” in a faux-“Fight Club” atmosphere that failed to record the imagination, rather playing out with cheesy, overproduced “fights” in between shots of dancers. By the end of the program, WWE Raw Underground was overrun by The Hurt Business, with MVPs Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin getting almost everybody in presence prior to McMahon praised and invited them to stay as long as they desired due to the fact that “anything goes” at WWE Raw Underground. The talk leading up to Monday’s edition of WWE Raw Underground was focused on two things: WWE’s announcement that a new faction would debut and reports of a “shoot battle” element being added to the show.

One of those things did not occur, the other was an amazing disappointment and WWE Raw Underground struck an innovative low point. When it comes to the brand-new faction, a group of masked people were shown tossing bomb at a power generator, but no indicator of who the men were or what their objectives are, a second huge dissatisfaction for the night’s most hyped angles entering the program. During opening intros, the lights briefly dropped.

Something that took place once again as Apollo Crews remained in the ring, with the announce group blaming the concerns on “weather condition in the area”. Before the match, MVP claimed once again to be the true United States champion after Apollo Crews was not able to battle at Extreme Rules. The lights flickered again as the match started and continued to flicker occasionally through the match.

After some early back-and-forth, things got a bit nastier with big strikes before MVP was taken out of the ring by his Hurt Business team, just for Apollo Crews to strike a substantial dive onto the three guys.

Lashley slanted things back MVP’s way by taking Apollo Crews out while the referee was sidetracked. MVP trapped Apollo Crews in the corner and struck a big series of elbows prior to Apollo Crews fired back, hitting a huge spinebuster for a two count. Moments later, Apollo Crews hit the sit-out powerbomb for the win.

Lashley tried to run in and lock up the complete nelson, however Apollo Crews got away. After the match, MVP declared the flickering lights produced “hazardous working conditions”. MVP did not care about Apollo Crews’ other half or kids, he simply appreciated the rematch and he wants it at SummerSlam.

This was a solid, if unspectacular, match to open the program. After Kevin Owens asked the technical difficulties which plagued this section likewise to impact just the IIconics’ microphones, both women slapped him, leading him to invite Morgan and Riott to attack, which they did, setting up a tag match which The Riott Squad won in short order when Morgan scored a quick pin. Randy Orton disrupted, running McIntyre down for not revealing the exact same level of regard he had last week when he laid down the difficulty for a WWE title match at SummerSlam.

Orton challenged McIntyre to say something initial about him, leading McIntyre to say that Orton represents everything that is wrong with WWE.

Ric Flair informed Owens he was ending up being too much of a guidance counselor recently. Owens was simply trying to be a locker space leader unlike Orton. This all led to Owens throwing down a difficulty to deal with Orton next week on WWE Raw Underground.

Nia Jax received a suspension for striking a WWE authorities, struck a WWE official again. Jax was out to “apologize” for her actions, striking WWE authorities Pat Buck. Jax rather called Buck a “runt” and said she was doing her job by taking him out last week, in the past challenging Buck to a match.

Dollar declined the deal, rather suspending Jax without pay. Jax’s response was to lay Buck out with a headbutt before kicking him in the ribs. Tozawa bailed from the ring as soon as the match started, slipping back in and trying to roll up Benjamin minutes later.

Benjamin responded by providing a violent powerbomb to Tozawa and hitting Paydirt on Truth.

Tozawa’s ninjas got involved, with The Hurt Business taking them out and enabling Tozawa to hit a senton on Truth to score the win and the title in a brief match. Dawkins definitely wiped out Garza, sending him flying into the ringside barrier with a shoulderblock. Garza got fired up after taking a great deal of offense from Dawkins, hitting a huge dropkick prior to trying for the Wing Clipper.

Rather, Dawkins reversed previously striking a bulldog. Montez Ford was then revealed on the flooring at ringside and a concerned Dawkins was distracted, allowing Garza to strike a dropkick to Dawkins when he was on his hands and knees for the pin. Ford was great to opt for his match, however it was clear that Andrade’s focus was on working over Ford’s head, drilling him with lower arms to the face along with other kicks, strikes, and stomps.

Ford fired back up, turning off Andrade’s back in the past hitting a huge jumping clothesline. The referee right away called the match off and he was attended to by medical specialists. Later in the show, Dawkins revealed that the physicians believed Ford had been poisoned, leading Bianca Belair to accuse Zelina Vega and her team and a quick brawl to break out prior to everybody was separated by authorities.

A straight match between Ford and Andrade would be tremendous, so losing it was a pity.

Earlier in the night, Dominick Mysterio released a challenge to Seth Rollins for a match at SummerSlam. MVP and The Hurt Business eventually blamed WWE Raw Underground and the associated technical glitches for their run of bad luck on the night. In the last section on the program, Dolph Ziggler won a fight prior to MVP and The Hurt Business went into the location and MVP revealed WWE Raw Underground was under new management.

Lashley rapidly won a fight prior to MVP stated he desired in on the action as well and took someone out. Benjamin was up next, mauling the next male up. The Hurt Business members then jumped into the “crowd” and started attacking anyone they might get their hands on.

The lights flickered once again as the match began and continued to flicker periodically through the match. Before much more might occur, Asuka ran to ringside and attacked Bayley, drawing the bell to end the match in spite of Bayley not being in the match. After the match, Asuka called for a WWE Raw Underground Women’s title match at SummerSlam. Banks then disrupted the two and stated Asuka might get her title match at SummerSlam if she beats Bayley next week on WWE Raw Underground.

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