George Michael’s ex Kenny Goss discusses his Infamous Arrest

George Michael’s former partner Kenny Goss can still recall the very moment he got the call that Michael had been arrested. Michael was no stranger to controversy and scandal during his three decades in the public eye. He had been dating Goss since 1996 but cruising for sex was not an issue within their relationship.

Goss dated Michael for 13 years, opened up about one of Michael’s most infamous April 1998 arrest and subsequent outing in the media. Goss recalled the very moment he got the devastating call about Michael’s arrest. Just hours earlier they had been having lunch together at a restaurant called Cynthia’s, their favourite place.

Goss noted that during lunch Michael had a bottle of wine before the pair went their separate ways for the day. When Goss returned home on that April afternoon, he got the call informing him that Michael had been arrested for lewd conduct. Michael sparked a media frenzy after he was arrested for engaging in a lewd act in what later transpired to be a police sting operation.

Michael had reportedly exposed himself to a police officer in a public toilet at a Beverly Hills park.

Goss rushed to the police station to find out just how much it would take to pay for Michael’s bail. However, as most banks were closed, Goss found himself running around town to get the full sum from multiple different cash machines. Goss got Michael out, but Michael did not want to talk about it.

Michael and Goss had to stop by the park to get Michael’s car, then they drove home. Goss was not bugging Michael, but Michael told Goss an hour or so later. It did come as a surprise to Goss, but he did not get upset with Michael.

Recalling the fateful day that had the world’s press knocking on their door, Goss recalled helicopters circling above the house while just trying to understand the situation and reassure Michael that everything would be okay. Michael seemed very stressed out. He took to his bed, then the next morning, they got up, and Goss told him there are still a few helicopters up there.

Goss explained that while Michael did not know what to do or what was going to happen, Michael had a plan of action and wanted to go out for dinner that very evening so that people could see that he was in good shape.

Michael received a £500 fine and 80 hours of community service as punishment, but the real punishment came from global media as they swarmed his house and plastered him across headlines. Goss spent a large amount of time worrying about Michael for the rest of their relationship. From the moment Michael was arrested, when he was not with Goss, there was always a little bit of Goss thinking if Michael was going to be okay.

Goss was always worried about what might happen, that Michael might get into trouble again. Soon after the scandal, Michael released the music video for Outside, which featured men dressed as police officers kissing, police helicopters, and couples engaging in sexually suggestive acts in public spaces. Michael dedicated his song, Amazing, to Goss in 2004.

Goss was with Michael until 2009 revealed that Michael was a tortured soul. When Goss talked to Michael in later years, Goss always closed by reminding Michael that everybody loved him. Michael had a lot of people who loved him.

Michael died on Christmas Day 2016. Rumours of a film about Michael’s life have been swirling almost ever since, and The White Lotus actor, Theo James, is the latest name to be linked to an £85 million biopic.